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In this mobile cloud era , IT organizations are expected to be light-footed and competitive when responding to new business requirements: rapid and flexible solutions combined with lower IT Capex. This has led to many IT organizations reacting to clients’ needs and demands through new ways of develop, test, deliver, and operate state-of-the-art solutions with more efficiency and agility in order to meet those new business demands.

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Many IT Organizations started to think about the ways of transformation, this journey involves organizational change from ALL aspects: people, business, technology, and processes.

Nowadays, On-demand, scalability, elasticity, mobility, and pay-as-you-go models are an integral part of IT’s transformation to the cloud.

The transition to the cloud incurs many benefits, primarily extensive reduction of cost through shifting Capex investments in favor of flexible Opex (paying a monthly or hourly based on actual consumed services), reducing capital expenditure for purchasing software licenses and continually upgrading hardware.

Cloud inherent services allow for the cost efficient and swift development and launch of new features, applications, and solutions.

Despite these advantages, there are many dilemmas and questions raised:

How can we carry out this transition
?Where does one start

?Which cloud model is suitable for our organization: Internal, public, or hybrid cloud

?What criteria need to be fulfilled to analyze the internal application for cloud readiness

?How should we avoid business risks such as vendor locking

?How does my organization transfer its internal processes and services to the cloud

?And what about Security and Privacy issues

?How does one lead and manage the organizational change

How will the IT team adapt to the cloud and what kind of jobs they will do in the future? oles and responsibilities

All these questions and dilemmas are a vital part of the transformation and anorganization’s journey to the cloud

Why choose Teraworks to transform your organization

Nowadays, On-demand, scalability, elasticity, mobility, and pay-as-you-go models are an integral part of IT’s transformation to the cloud.

Teraworks has developed a unique approach which ensures that your IT transformation process to the cloud is smooth, successful and maximizes business advantage.

This approach is based on Teraworks’ extensive experience and can be specifically tailored to your organization. In our experience, the key to a successful transformation process is detailed analysis and thorough risk management. Teraworks examines all aspects of economic viability, organizational readiness, the suitability of each potential solution, and the long-term benefits to the organization and its clients before advising on the final, successful transformation process.

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